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"My First Time", By Bill Freyer
My First Time It was not my first time with a man by any means, but was my first time to experience fisting. I hung out in one of the local bars back in Norfolk, VA to get away from everyday life and cares. One of the reasons to hang here was the bartender. His name was Dennis. Hot doesn't even come close to describing this man. He was 24, 5'9" of pure testosterone, naturally toned body that needed no maintenance,  a bubble butt to die for, and a crotch that left very little to the imagination. He also had the combination of jet black hair, with striking blue eyes. He made me melt just to look at him, not to mention making me drip with excitement if he ever touched me.

Dennis knew I had the hots for him, and he would flirt back also. I kept asking him when he would take me home and fuck the hell out of me, but he just smiled that bastardly smile. He knew he could have anyone he wanted, but he didn't put on airs about it like some do. He was very friendly, yet flirtatious... like a bartender should be to get good tips.

One night I showed up after work and he was about to get off the early shift... and it happened! I, like usual asked him when he was gonna take me home with him? He shocked me by saying, "RIGHT NOW! if you wanna go." I didn't hesitate. I jumped off the barstool before he could change his mind. I would finally get my chance with this God. We walked the few blocks to his place, and no sooner did we get in the door, he started undressing me. He devoured me with his mouth, all over my body, from the nape of my neck down to my crotch... slowly eating his way down my shaft, tasting, nibbling, swallowing.... then swiftly turning me around to dive into my ass crack. My head was swimming from all this attention. I got light headed and he laid me down on the floor right where we were.

I lay there and watched in anticipation as he undressed... finally I would see what I had craved for for so long. When his pants came down, I could only stare... in front of me was 12 inches of the thickest cock I have seen even to this day... I was scared and yet excited. Not knowing if I could take anything so big. He read my mind by saying, "if you can't take it, you wouldn't be the first".

He lay down on top of me and gently raised my legs as he kissed me deeply. From out of nowhere came a jar of lube. He put some on his fingers and started playing with my hole, gently coaxing it open to be able to take his enormous cock. Somehow he managed four fingers in me, then positioning his cock, he extracted his fingers as his cock took their place. I couldn't believe the feeling, nor that I could take something so huge up my ass. He took his time, and magically I took the whole thing... to the hilt!

He started by fucking me gently, then built up to a frenzy, pounding me in and out. I was out of my mind with all the feelings that I was experiencing. All of a sudden, he withdrew his cock... explaining he didn't want to cum yet. As he did this though, he reinserted his fingers to play with my ass once more. There was different pressure this time though... I asked how many fingers he had in there? and he told me "My entire hand just sank into you, you sucked it right in!" I couldn't believe it, but it felt wonderful. As he began to fist me, he also jerked my cock with his other hand. In no time, I was bubbling over... shooting my cock onto his jacking fist, and as I looked down, he was shooting his load without even touching himself.

This is how I was introduced to Fisting. I wish everyone could have as good a first time as I did.
Bill Freyer,
Founder, RHSD
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