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"Fists In Action", By Bill Freyer
(This story was written a few years back, and I had it published in Manscape Magazine, I hope you enjoy it)

It was another hot night in San Diego. Mid-July can be such a sweltering month and I just had to get out of the house. The heat and the itch in my ass was just too much to handle. There had to be a way of getting relief for both of these problems. I decided that I would get my ass cleaned out and head for the baths. There would be air conditioning, and a lot of hot men there to help me with that itch.

Of the baths in San Diego, my favorite is the Vulcan. It is small, only 23 rooms, and near downtown. I like it because there are always guys there that aren't real phonies, or "pretty boys". The men that go there tend to be older, more mature, and know what they want! No bullshit about it - no games and no teasing. Just pure, raw, animal magnetism and manly sex!

The Vulcan has a Jacuzzi outside, and a patio where you can lay out and get your all-over tan if you want, and get cruised while lying naked. The men with the big dicks and balls are always out there showing off their wares. Even the bottoms would be out there with their asses up in the air just waiting for one of those big dicks to come nosing its way up their ass chutes. This is where I have had some of my best times and tonight I would make sure I added to my repertoire of men to please me.

I went into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and noticed that I hadn't shaved that day, but then I usually like myself with a day's growth of beard on my face. I have also found that I have better luck with the tricks when I am not so well-groomed, so to speak. That rough look turns the men on more than a freshly shaven face.

At 38, I still look pretty damn good. I have never been a pretty boy or model type, but have been more so had the innocent boy-next-door look - just your average type of guy. I stand about 5'10", 145 pounds, dark blonde hair, hazel/blue eyes and have a furry chest with large nipples peaking out from the hair (and had recently added a goatee to my moustache, which I have received many good and flirtatious comments about!) I didn't look bad for my age at all, and I don't usually have any problems getting men to look at me, and occasionally, doing more than just look.

Time to clean out. I got in the shower, and shoved the shower douche hose up my ass, and proceeded to start my ritual of douching. Not one of my favorite things to do, but I do like being clean and ready for whatever happens when the right man wants to scratch my itch. I had the warm water flowing into my ass, and the douche nozzle rubbing across my prostate. I began to get the stirrings of a hard-on. I am about 7" when fully hard, and very proud of its power and talent when called upon. I thought to myself, "What the fuck, I may as well take care of my aching boner now, so I wouldn't pop too soon later."

I grabbed hold of my cock, now throbbing along with the tempo of the water jets flowing in my ass, and the probe that jabbed at my prostate each time I slid it out to allow the water to expel from my squirting hole. I massaged my cock with more and more force, and brought my hand up to stroke the head, the most sensitive part. I kept shoving that nozzle in and out, bringing myself to a near fever pitch with the burning in my balls. The cum inside me was now boiling, and my nuts ached, and I had no choice but to let go. I shot a volley of hot cum all over the shower walls, and watched as it ran down the walls and into the drain, with the shower jets rinsing them away.

I finished my douche, dried off, and prepared to get dressed. I have certain clothes I wear when I go out to the baths -- an old faded pair of cut-off jeans with substantial, but well-placed, holes in the rear and one in the front. A red handkerchief carefully placed in the right rear pocket, and a tank top that let my nipples hang out, along with my favorite sandals. All of this I could shed in less than a minute when I got to the Vulcan, if there was a hot man ready and waiting for some action.

I grabbed my gym bag full of goodies that I would need, and headed out the door. Fifteen minutes later, I was checking in at the front desk. There was a guy in front of me nice-looking, but he was just finishing his check-in when I got there, so I didn't have time to really check him out. There would be time for that later.

As I started my check-in, a guy walked in behind me, and I turned around briefly to check him out. FUCK! Here was the lumberjack of my dreams! He was the typical "body of a God", with Adonis looks, in a more manly package. And what a package; the front of his skintight jeans couldn't hide what looked to be a footlong polish sausage.

I tried to keep my cool, and finish my business with the clerk, but it was hard to concentrate. The God behind me grabbed me by the ass and said, "If that red hanky is for more than decoration, then we are going to have a really good time inside." I assured him it was there for advertising purposes, and agreed to meet him inside.

I went straight to my room and got my assorted goodies set-up. Crisco, paper towels, underpads, poppers, gloves, and my bottle of drinking water. When I was ready, I opened the door. I was open for pleasure and ready to serve myself up.

No more than ten minutes went by, and I already had three offers to play, but I was waiting for my lumberjack to show up. Around the corner he came with a strut that just told everyone there that this was a MAN! He saw me, smiled a brilliant smile, and came right at me. He was about 6'2, probably weighed 190 pounds of rock solid manmeat, with jet black hair and azure blue eyes;a wicked combination. He had a thick moustache that just begged to be chewed on and then sat on, and I couldn't wait to do either or both. Damn, he was hot! There was a mat of black chest hair that looked as if he had combed it, but I knew it was natural as I saw the swirl of it caress his tits, not to mention the trail of hair running down and disappearing below the stark white towel.

I introduced myself by saying, "The name is Bill, and I am here to satisfy every possible craving you have. He then said, "My name is Charles, and I am going to hold you to that!" We shook hands briefly, and I took notice of the size of those hands immediately. They were more like baseball mitts instead of hands. I said, "What on earth have I got myself into here? Charles then said, "If you can handle this," as he grabbed his cock beneath the towel he was wearing, "then you can handle my hand just as easily." Then I was really intrigued.

I actually dragged him into my room as a few other guys passed by and looked at me with a more than jealous look, and that turned to downright envy at seeing the hunk I now possessed in my tiny cubicle.

Charles immediately grabbed me and planted one of the most intoxicating kisses on me that I can ever remember receiving. We enveloped each other with our roaming hands and arms, both trying to feel each and every inch of each other. Our hands trailed over each other's tits, taking enough time to gently, yet firmly, squeeze and tug on them, giving both of us reason to gasp out loud.

As I reached down to finally disrobe that towel from his manly body, I reached for his cock when the towel fell, and I touched what could only be described as a baseball bat. It had to be at least 11" long, and I couldn't get my hand wrapped around it because it was too thick. It was thicker than a beer can. For the first time ever, I was afraid that this may be one cock I might not be able to take up my ass. This was a challenge that I would have to take.

At the same time I was checking out this manmeat, Charles was checking out my ass. He cupped it in his hands, stroked it, squeezed it, and then dipped a finger in between my cheeks to probe that special spot that I knew he would satisfy later.

When we finally pulled apart, he laid me down in a sixty-nine position. As I faced this cock of mammoth proportions, I wondered what I could possibly do to be able to open my mouth this wide. I grabbed for the poppers, took a hit, and then started licking his shaft. As I did this, he went down on me, and totally engulfed me with one lunge. I gasped from the sudden warmth around my cock. I had to try harder to do the same for him. I took one more hit of poppers and took the plunge. My mouth opened wider than it ever had before, and I slowly sank down his shaft about four inches. It was just too thick to go any further, so I just worshipped it like that for a while.

After about fifteen minutes of sucking and licking, Charles raised up off of me, and pulled his cock from my mouth. He then said, "If you are going to be able to take this cock, we had better start working on that ass of yours."

I looked at him direct, and said, "Go for it! Just go slow please, because I have never taken anything this big before." He just smiled, reached for the Crisco and an underpad. Placing the underpad beneath me and then reaching for the paper towels and gloves, he handed the towels to me to tear some off as he donned the gloves.

As soon as he and I were ready, he started to grease his hands up, but I grabbed the Crisco from him and said, "allow me", with a smile on my face. I liberally greased his right hand, and felt the massive power this man held in his hands alone. I then shoved the grease up my ass to lubricate it and have it ready for whatever was to come.

Charles started to play with my ass with his right hand while using his left hand to pinch my tits and play with my nuts. I felt two strong fingers enter me, and then another slowly joined the first two. He gently massaged my asshole with an in and out motion, and a gentle rotation method as well. While he was doing all of this to me, I was laying there in seventh heaven, gazing at this man that wanted so much to please me. He was much more into giving me pleasure than pleasuring himself. He was a master of touch, sense and feel. He was doing things to me that I hadn't felt in a very long time. Damn, he was good!

Time went by, and he kept adding more of his fingers till he had all four fingers and his thumb up my ass. It was to the widest part of hand that he stopped, and just held it there, still massaging. While he did this, he grabbed his cock, lined it up to my assring, and while slowly withdrawing his hand, he slipped in the cockhead. It was a stretch, but I seemed to be able to accommodate it. When his gargantuan manmeat was lodged inside, he managed to slide it in further. He reached a spot where I made him pause while I took a hit of poppers, and then when the euphoria took over, he slid it in further. I couldn't believe it when I felt his curly pubes hit my ass cheeks. I felt extremely full!

We both held still while I relaxed and got used to is, and Charles smiled down at me and said, "You are the first guy that has been able to take all of my cock in about two years, and it feels so damned good being inside of you, Bill." I couldn't agree more -- it felt fantastic.

Slowly, he started the fucking motions. The size of his meat, and every vein on it, put pressure on every membrane within my ass. I could actually feel every ridge and throbbing pulse that went through his dick. It wasn't long before he was plowing in and out, in a heat of frenzy. I could see the look on his face, and it was telling me that he was going to blow that wad at any time. He looked at me and said, "I'm sorry Bill, I can't hold back any longer," as he pulled his ramrod out of my ass and fired shot after glorious shot of steaming hot cum all over my chest and stomach. When he had finally shot out the last of his jizz, he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty, manly heap. I just wrapped my arms around him and held on tight.

When Charles had calmed down, he rolled over on the bed to lay beside me, still with his arm draped over me. I hadn't felt so close to anyone in a long time. As hot as this man was, he was real - down to earth and very compassionate. He enjoyed the cuddling as much, if not more, than the sex. I had hit the jackpot tonight.

I felt a hand at my backdoor all of a sudden, and realized that Charles wanted to continue. I just opened my legs and gave him access to my hungry hole. After all, it was feeling rather empty after losing that beautiful dick. He got between my legs and started the process of opening me up again, which wasn't quite as much work as before. His cock had done a good job of getting me ready for what was to come next. He re-greased his hands, both of them this time, and started to add fingers - a couple from each hand, and started an in-and-out motion with both hands, first sliding in the fingers of one hand, then backing out and sliding in the fingers of the other hand. Little by little, he would add another finger till he had four fingers flying in and out of my ass. Thank God I had cum earlier in the shower. Otherwise, I would have lost it at this point. I was so fucking excited!

He slowed down, added more grease and told me, "Take a hit of poppers, it's time for the whole hand." I did as he said, and took a deep whiff and felt the pressure of his right hand push against my ass. I pushed myself down a little onto his hand, and felt it enter me with such a full feeling that I didn't think there could be any room to move it around anywhere. I was soon to find out this wasn't so. After I got used to the feeling, he started a slow fisting motion and then he added another two fingers from the other hand in, beside the already overstuffed, stretched out hole. He definitely knew what he was doing, a master at the art of pleasing an ass. I don't know if I got off more at just watching his expressions, or from the wonderful feelings that were running through my entire body. My ass was alive, on fire, throbbing, accepting, ravenous. It couldn't get enough. He kept playing with my ass, adding still another two fingers up my ass (beside his other hand), making a total of four now.

It wasn't long before he pulled out the extra fingers, and then his whole hand, only to send the other hand into my ass. He had me loosened now to the point that he was able to completely remove one hand, slide in the other, and do this in a rapid repeat of motion. No sooner than one hand would dislodge itself from my hole, then the other would take its place. The flow of in-and-out got faster and faster, then would slow down, as he added the four fingers alongside the wrist of his other hand, and stretched me a little more. Charles then tried to push the thumb in along with the rest, to give both hands, but it just wouldn't go, and he didn't want to hurt me, so he went back to fisting my ass the way he had before, only this time, he literally was able to fist me taking turns with both hands, keeping the hand closed in a clenched fist. The feelings, the pressure against my prostate as he went back and forth over it, was more than I could take. Without warning, suddenly I exploded the biggest load of cum I can ever remember, and shook all over. The cum landed on me, him, the walls, the mirror;everywhere. I don't know where it all came from, but it came!

When I had finally relaxed enough, Charles withdrew his hand ever so gently from my now aching, but happy ass. He wiped us both up, and then lay down and held me until we both fell into a contented slumber. It was morning by the time he woke, and unfortunately, Charles had to work that day. So, he had to scurry out, but before he left, he gave me his personal card, which read, "Charles -- Proctology is my Specialty", with his phone number below it. We had many more times together and I will always be glad I went to the baths that night!

Bill Freyer,
Founder, RHSD
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