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RHSD is always looking for participation from the public. This participation can come in the form of volunteering, donating time and energy (or even money) to help put on events, hosting a party (a social gathering or play party), or even retelling a story or two.

Please consider submitting an original work (fictional or true story) recounting your sexual conquests and experiences -- especially if they're of the jaw-dropping, eye-popping, toe-curling, cum-spurting, hard-pounding, deep-probing kind)! We'll try to update these stories as often as we can and they will only be posted here and your ename and email will be published if you want.

All stories must be original works and you will retain all copyrights. Submissions should be in .TXT or .DOC format and should be handball-related (though cross-fetish themes are most welcome). All stories will be reviewed before posting and we reserve the right to NOT publish any story for any reason. (This is not to censor you, but to keep the focus of this website on adult handballing.)

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