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Fisting 101
"Fisting" is the act of inserting hand into the anus or vagina and can be performed by both men and women (with either sex receiving the fist). Typically, fisting does not involve a clenched fist. Instead, all five fingers are kept semi-straight and together forming a wedge. Slowly inserted into a well-lubricated anus, the fingers either clench naturally into a more fist-like position or remain straightened. Punch-fucking (or piston-fucking) involves a fully clenched fist which is inserted and removed more vigorously. "Fisting" can encmpass anything from the hand (just to the wrist), portions of the arm (up to the elbow or even the shoulder) and also the feet. Many fisters enjoy general ass play as well - toys, tongues, speculums, and any combinations thereof. Pleasure is often intensified as the hole is stretched well beyond it's normal state, causing a "bloom" or "rosebud". There are many fist pigs that enjoy depth as well as width and individual techniques vary widely from top to top.

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